Hiking Mt. Takao with Riccardo, Cody and Slim

An incredible hike with inspirational young creatives based in Tokyo

PauseDraw, drawing for everyone

PauseDraw is a recurrent, free and open-to-everyone drawing event in Tokyo

Brotures Harajuku

Brotures Harajuku is a specialized fixed gear bicycle store located in this unique area of Tokyo.


Takeo is a tiny restaurant in the hidden alleys of Shibuya.

Brotures Harajuku Fixie Night Ride

This series of images was taken during a fixed gear cycling night ride. It took place around Harajuku and was hosted by Brotures Harajuku. The camera used was Fujicolor 30th anniversary disposable camera loaded with 400 ISO film.

Mr. Brother’s Cut Club

Mr. Brothers Cut Club is a vintage Barbershop situated in Harajuku, Tokyo. Meet the faces and story behind this unique salon.

Julia Shibata

Julia lived in Germany. One day decided she wanted to live her own life, quit her job, cut all ties and moved to Japan about 5 years ago.