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Takeo is a tiny restaurant in the hidden alleys near Shibuya 109, surrounded by old houses and fancy shops. He comes by bicycle every day very early in the morning before the trains are running and opens at 5:00 AM. Takeo-san tells me that most of the people in the early hours just want a drink and some food, must be a funny crowd at that time… The menu is not very complicated, you can choose between chicken porridge, chicken rice, and curry rice, for a mere ¥800. If you ever visit Takeo, you might find yourself having lunch with talented Spanish illustrator Luis Mendo, based on a nearby studio. The funny thing of how Takeo began his business was that he realized the restaurant was only open in the afternoon, so he offered the owner to take care of it in the morning and share the expenses. That way, after 2 pm, the restaurant changes its name and it becomes another restaurant called Yakitori Hiroshi(やきとん ひろし).

You can follow him on Instagram here!

渋谷109の裏路地で、古家や雑貨屋に囲まれ佇む「TAKEO」 オーナーは夜明け前、電車の始発よりも一足早く、自転車にまたがりお店に入る。始発を待つ人々をもてなす為だそうだ。 メニューはシンプルで、とり粥、チキンライス、カレーを800円で提供する。ランチへ出かければ、近隣のスタジオを活動拠点とする、スペイン人イラストレーターのルイス・メンド氏と居合わせることも。 開業のきっかけは、意外にも午後から暖簾が上がるお店の有効活用だった。当然、午後からは別の店舗に早変わりするので屋号は「やきとん ひろし」に。



Thanks to Seiya Watanabe for the Japanese translation, Alvaro Arregui for the usual feedback and Luis Mendo for introducing me to Takeo.

Thanks to Vincent Rijnbeek for his continuous support of State of Tokyo’s website.

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