Shibuya Halloween

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Halloween celebrations in Shibuya have become worldwide famous during the past few years. Sadly the focus recently has been on the “dark side” of the party. The lack of bins and the amount of people ends up generating tons of garbage. A few people drink too much and decide to vandalize what they have around.

However, the uniqueness of this post-modern “matsuri”, is the people who attend with the only and genuine purpose of having fun. This is more of a carnival than a parade, more a reinvented celebration than a recycled American tradition. The Halloween aesthetic in Japan has become a season by itself, that begins populating the malls from the end of August until November first. Its epicenter in Shibuya attracts both natives and foreigners in a revolving spiral of colors, makeup, superheroes, and clowns.

This is an unfiltered story using only disposable cameras, and focusing exclusively on the human side.

Fuji 400 ISO

Expired Kodak 800 ISO:

Adorable Couple


Full Gallery Fuji

Full Gallery Kodak

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