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I first heard about PauseDraw (a monthly drawing event in Tokyo) while I was shooting Luis Mendo in his studio for a new post. He told me wonders about the event and invited me to come, and of course, I suggested if I could take some photos of the event and see how it was. Turned out the next event came up pretty fast! Straight to Shibuya.

PauseDraw」を知るきっかけとなったのは、イラストレーターのLuis Mendo のスタジオを訪れた時のことだった。面白いイベントがあるというので、新たな撮影題材にと思い立って渋谷へ。

View from the 10th Floor at Loftworks Inc.

I got to FabCafe about an hour before the event so I could meet Kevin Foster, a Californian living in Gunma getting into watercolor landscapes, great guy. We then met Alvaro Arregui and headed upstairs to the 10F of Loftwork, in the same building as FabCafe. The views were amazing as you see. I found this nice spot near the window, and the event began slowly with people drawing portraits of the people in front of them. The shy and the talkative all ended up engaging in a friendly conversation. The sunset views from there were so amazing I couldn’t even resist shooting my own time-lapse with an iPhone.

イベント前に訪れた「FabCafe」では、群馬在住でカルフォルニア出身の水彩画アーティストKevin Fosterに出会う。その後、友人のAlvaro Arreguiと今回の会場となるクリエイティブ・ラウンジスペース「loftwork COOOP」へ。道玄坂の頂上に位置する会場からの景色はビルに脅かされてはいるものの、美しい。窓越しから撮影に夢中になっているうちに会場は次第に賑わいだし、アーティストたちの空間が生まれた。

Adrian Hogan and Luis Mendo


What is PauseDraw?

PauseDraw is a recurrent, free and open-to-everyone drawing event happening in Tokyo every month. Their aim is to draw more and to get to know other drawing loving individuals. In their own word, it’s not the result what matters, but more the meeting and having a good time. It was founded by well-known illustrators Adrian Hogan and Luis Mendo.


「PauseDraw」とは、イラストレーターのLuis MendoとAdrian Hoganによるネットワーキング&ドローイングイベント。みんなで街に繰り出し、描いた絵を見せ合うことで、新しい仲間に出会い、発見を楽しむことができる。

Alvaro Arregui with a “borrowed” sketchbook from Chiyun Yeh

When was the first PauseDraw?

PauseDraw started almost around August 2013, during the times of the famous (now defunct) PauseTalk organized by Jean Snow. PauseTalk was where creative people in Tokyo met once a month in Ikebukuro to chat about what projects they were involved in.

I wish it was still going on considering how often I go to Ikebukuro, I would be there every single time!


2013年8月に初めて開催されたPauseDrawは、今は亡きJean Snowが主催するPauseTalkから派生した。PauseDraw同様、PauseTalkは東京を拠点に活動するクリエイターが月に1度、池袋に集まり、ネットワーキングを通じて各々のアイディアを具現化するイベントだったそう。

What is the goal of PauseDraw?

Luis Mendo and Adrian Hogan, who organize it absolutely out of their own resources and time, want people to come and draw with them. Not just that, but also connect, make friends and have a good time creating something. Events are irregularly organized (usually once a month) and they stubbornly want to keep them free no matter what.



「描くことを楽しむだけでなく、新たな出会いやつながりによってクリエイティビティーを刺激する場にしたい」と、主催者のLuis MendoとAdrian Hoganは語る。不定期(通常月1回)で開催されるこのイベントは、参加費無料で運営することを目指しているようだ。

Asami Horie at work

Where is PauseDraw happening?

They always depend on getting a free space which can hold all attendees (over 70 people joined the last one). So far they have succeeded thanks to people like AQ, FabCafe, and Apt. 335 in Harajuku. In the summer they usually head outside and draw in the park. There are a set of “assignments” which are meant to give some lead, but it’s okay if people just draw whatever they want.



A very special guest: Sougwen Chung


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Special thanks to:

Luis Mendo for providing me and partially writing the article and details about PauseDraw and Adrian Hogan for letting me wander around taking photos of everything and make me feel so welcome in the event.

Alvaro Arregui for the usual feedback. Seiya Watanabe for the translation. Vincent Rijnbeek for his hardcore support, State of Tokyo is now fully supporting HTTPS!

All the amazing people and artists I met at the event, like Sougwen, David, Asami, Mariko, Justine, Fern, Chiyun, Kevin

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