Ghost Of The Sun – Tokyo Heavies

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Ghost of the Sun is a Tokyo based heavy metal band with a mission: bringing heavy and technical metal to the masses.

Band Portrait

The story with this band dates back to the times when Dahman and I worked together. Dahman has helped me a couple times with personal projects and we’ve been friends for quite a while.  Turns out that he and a bunch of friends formed Ghost Of The Sun in late 2016, and he needed some new photos. Its members are from various locations in the UK and the US, but all of them live here in Tokyo.  We decided to shoot this promo in Harajuku around the recording studio, wandering the alleys until we found the right spot. Turns out that while this originally was an assignment for the band, I decided to also share their story in State of Tokyo because they are pretty cool.

The members are:

  • Dahman Coombes, Drums: London.
  • Ryan Gage, Guitar: London
  • Brandon Cook, Bass: Boston
  • Tyler McBeth, Guitar: Texas
  • Jordan Greiner, Vocals: Iowa
Dahman Coombes
Brandon Cook
Former Vocalist Yukihiro Ueyama
Tyler McBeth

These images are from a recent shoot in a studio at Harajuku, although Jordan just joined the band as a vocalist replacing Yukihiro Ueyama so I still haven’t had the time to shoot with him.

Their next gig is Friday 19th in Melodia Tokyo. Doors will open at 5 pm and Ghost of the Sun will play along with other bands; they play at 8 pm.

Don’t miss them!


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