Brotures Harajuku Fixie Night Ride

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Brotures Harajuku Fixie Night Ride

This series of images was taken during a fixed gear cycling night ride, it took place around Harajuku and was hosted by well known local fixed store Brotures. The camera used was Fujicolor 30th anniversary disposable camera loaded with 400 ISO film.

The theme of the night was a night cycling ride around Harajuku. Talented photographer, videographer, and Brotures staff Kageaki (check out his great work!). I got to meet the amazing people at Brotures Harajuku thanks to my friend Shunsuke, who you might know from his appearance in the previous story about “Mr. Brothers Cut Club“. I rode all the way from Ikebukuro to Harajuku that night with my Fuji Track Classic and took it to the shop for a check, such a good idea! Kyohei, who is just here below wearing a beanie and glasses, put my bike into shape and I ended up getting another back wheel. Such a difference! Feels like I have a new bike. By the way, the mentioned video was posted on Instagram, and it looks amazing.

If you want some music to play along these images, I recommend you this playlist to run on the background and take your time. Enjoy!

今回は、ピストバイクのショップとして知られる原宿の「Brotures Harajuku」が主催したナイトライドのシーンをテーマとした。カメラは昨年30年周年を迎えた「写ルンです」にISO400のフィルムを使用し、撮影に臨んだ。

今回のテーマである原宿のナイトサイクリング。撮影は経験豊かなフォトグラファー、ビデオグラファーそしてBroturesスタッフのカゲアキの3人で行った。Brotures Harajukuとのつながりは「Mr. Brothers Cut Club」のシュンスケの紹介がきっかけだ。その日は池袋から自身のフジトラックのロードバイクで原宿まで向かい、撮影前にBroturesに立ち寄り、ビーニー帽にサングラス姿のキョウヘイに購入したバックウィールのセットアップをお任せした。今回撮影したビデオは、インスタグラムの投稿でチェックしてもらいたい。


Kyohei Ishimura, with “Brotures” stenciled on his jacket with reflective spray, not without concern for his The North Face precious jacket.


Did you read before about a Fuji Track Classic? Well, this is my bicycle covered in the reflective spray! Bought in London and brought all the way to Tokyo by my friends. My jewel!


Some of the guys here like Kiyotaka, Brotures manager Yusuke on his yellow jacket, and Kageaki on a red beanie.


Yusuke having a cigarette with Arai on the back.


Hyper cool Leader frames lying around while cycling a shooting in Harajuku.


This Bro, the official dog of Brotures Harajuku. If you are lucky you might be rewarded with his sight when you visit them. Such a cool dog.

Brotures Harajukuの看板犬

Kiyo there with a mask, and tons of reflective spray everywhere.


Kageaki while shooting from the car.


Dosnoventa frames (Barcelona) are incredibly light, we called this bike something like “paper”.


Kyohei on the left and Kazama in the middle with a white frame. On the right our photogenic Kiyo.


It was not only lads but there was some ladies riding along representing.


THIS frame is amazing.


Not just Leader but also some pretty Cinellis in the house.


Kazama here went a bit too far with the spray and ended up with the face full of it. Looks cool though.


サイクリング仲間、リーダーバイクの美しいフレームやホイールが素敵な夜を演出した。今回伝えたかったのは、パーフェクトな撮影に必ずしも高額なカメラが必要ではないこと。目の前に大切だと思える被写体があれば、物語は成り立つのだ。Brotures Harajukuの仲間たちの素敵なポートレートとカメラのフラッシュが放つ光がたくさんの物語を作り出したように。


And that’s all folks, a beautiful Leader frame and super lightweight wheels to finish this pretty fun night. And remember, all with the lowest of the photography budgets. If you still think you can only take photos with expensive cameras, you are wrong. Whatever you have at hand works if you can tell a story.

See you the next time, got a big story coming along with the guys of Brotures Harajuku with plenty of fine portraits and an amazing light.

Equipment Used:

Fujicolor 30th Anniversary Disposable Camera, like this one.


Value: ‎¥1000 / 10$.


Brotures >

Brotures Instagram:

State of Tokyo Instagram:

Special thanks:

Seiya Watanabe for the Japanese version of the text, and to Alvaro Arregui, Vincent Rijnbeek and Riomar Mccartney for feedback on the post, content, and language.

Brotures Harajuku: Yusuke, Kiyo, Kazama, Kyo and Arai.

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