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Hi, all! It’s been a while.

Life has been busier than ever, making this side project harder to maintain. However, the good news is that I have a lot of new content coming up!

First, with the news. State of Tokyo now has a brand new logo. This is all thanks to the collaboration between Swiss designer Julien Wulff and myself. I met Julien last year while hanging out with some friends at a design event. We immediately connected and, shortly afterward, Julien offered me to have me cover his and Julien Mercier’s project, Yamanote Yamanote, as a photographer. The deal was to collaborate through design and photography, as we both are young professionals without all the budget we would love to have for our side projects.

This assignment was a bit of a challenge for Julien as I was quite attached to my previous logo. I loved the strong typography. However, I knew it was lacking some refinement mainly because the logo itself had been made a bit easily by myself and the already beautiful typography York Whiteletter. I wanted something original, long lasting, and modern but with a hint of the past. Also something simple yet elegant, something that resembled more a brand name that a simple logo.

We got hands on and  shared inspiration from aesthetics, advertising,  and plenty of pop culture imagery from the 1920’s in the US and Japan. After a few iterations during the weeks and a few whiskies on the rocks in dark and mysterious bars, we had done it. The drafts and the final result came out as I had imagined in my mind.

I want to thank Julien for his beautiful work that I hope will give State of Tokyo a beautiful appeal to accompany the texts and articles that are to come. I just printed the first batch of business cards, and you might see them if you visit some of the places that I previously have written and photographed!

Julien Wulff:

“When working on a new identity, it is always a challenge to find the right balance between the client’s expectations and the designer’s vision. However, finding this balance with Alex was fast and I could feel quickly which style and touch we wanted to add in this identity. After seeing the new business card printed, I really think we did a great job!

Through the articles and photos in “State of Tokyo, I was able to discover and enjoy Alex’s curiosity for people and Tokyo, so our collaboration for Yamanote Yamanote’s project seemed natural.”

Julien’s links:

Behance | YamanoteYamanote

Julien Mercier and Julien Wulff, Yamanote Yamanote Poster series creators.

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